Mobile Home Moves – Peace of Mind Transport of Your Home

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Mobile Home Moves in Alberta


Triple H loads and hauls mobile homes differently than any other Alberta mobile home mover. We use hydraulic jacking units and air-ride lowboy trailers. What that means to you, is a less stress on your home which is less chance of any damage.

When our crew arrives on site, they will set hydraulic jacks in multiple places under the frame of your mobile home. Once set properly, the home is lifted and then a lowboy trailer is positioned under the mobile home. Using the jacks, the house is then lowered onto the trailer, making less stress on the frame. 

Compare this method to other mobile home movers who use dolly and hitch systems. When they move a home, they winch the front of the home into the air, wiggle a set of dolly wheels under the back of the house, then lower the home and put a hitch on the front. They are treating your home as a trailer. We move your home, as we would, a conventional stick-framed home.

Another bonus of using us as your mobile home mover is as a courtesy to our customers, we allow you to leave all of your possessions inside your home while it is being transported. Using another mover would require you to pack and remove all of your belonging to reduce the weight for transport. We only ask that you pack your fragile objects appropriately (packing dishes, laying of TV’s on the floor, any loose cabinets laid flat) to prevent any damage in the move. 

We do carry full replacement insurance for the mobile home (insurance is in place from the time our jacks are placed under the building until we leave your new property) this does not cover the contents, so ensuring your belongings are safely secured, will prevent any surprises when we get to your new site.

*Note. Content removal will be required for mobile homes that are 20′ X 76′ or greater, due to the weight of the home.

Depending on the distance, we can typically arrive, load, transport, and set the home up at your new location all in one day. The cost you are quoted does not include the required blocking, but can be supplied at an additional charge. As well, we will provide laser leveling of your home at your new site. All you have to do is connect your services, and you can move right in.

(We require that all skirting be removed prior to the day of your move, as well as all services are disconnected. These are not included in the cost of moving your home and are the responsibility of the homeowner to have completed before the date of the move)





Triple H can install your mobile home onto piles if you prefer instead of regular wood blocking. We do prefer that the piles are ground level telescopic piles, as we use air-ride lowboy trailers and are able to back over the top of the piles to put your home in place.

If the piles are already existing and fixed or concrete piles that are more than 18″ out of the ground, don’t worry, we can still do the move. If this is the situation, we can bring additional equipment and roll the mobile home (or any building) onto the piles.

To use this method of placement would require an additional charge, based on the additional amount of work required. We deal with many different piling companies, and we would be more than happy to provide you with the contact information of some of the best, in our opinion, we have dealt with.