Garage Moves

Garage Moves Done Right!


Garage moves present a specific challenge to moving them from one spot to another. Because of the large door(s) associated with a garage, the structural integrity can be a challenge for them to be moved.

We have considerable experience in moving different sizes of garages. That knowledge allows us to know exactly how to prep a garage, to ensure it is stable and safe enough to move without damage.

Bracing and cribbing will be used to ensure the structure is solid. Then we will lift the garage using state-of-the-art hydraulic jacks, that prevent stress and cracking.

Finally, we use Low-boy trailers to safely and efficiently move the garage to its new home.

What the garage is sitting on doesn’t matter. Our techniques for lifting does not require the garage to be sitting on a specific floor type. Cement to dirt, we can lift any building.


Big or small, we can move your garage to meet your needs. We have lifted garages to allow a new subfloor to be poured and then placed back in its new home. We have moved from one side of a property to another, and, we have moved garages for customers across the Province.

We have the skill and expertise to make sure your garage move is done right and to your satisfaction. We would never move a garage if we didn’t think we could do it safely and without damage.

Our experienced crew of garage movers have done hundreds of garage moves over the years. Let us show you what an expert in moving buildings can do. Call for a free quote to see how inexpensive it would be to get the job done.

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