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Mobile Home Moves


We can move your mobile home with little to no stress on the frame. You don’t even need to empty your belongings.

House Moves


We have been moving houses for 45 years in Alberta. We can move yours to where it needs to go.

Building Moves


We have the experience and skill to move your building quickly and within your budget. Let us be your building mover.

School Portable Moves


School Boards and Contractors both rely on our abilities to get School Portables placed quickly and safely.

Cabin Moves


Getting your cabin to its home is important to you. It is just as important to us. We can guarantee that your cabin will find its new home.

Garage Moves


Across the road, across the county, across the Province. We will move your garage on time and on budget.

WHY CHOOSE Triple H Building Movers Ltd?

Triple H Building Movers Ltd. has 3 Kenworth T-800s. We also have 3 one tonne trucks that house our hydraulic jacking units. These trucks also serve as our pilot trucks, when we are moving loads from site to site.

Our fleet also includes three regular pick-up trucks that serve as additional pilots trucks when needed. They are used as supplemental support vehicles when we are on the job.

We take safety very seriously, and all of our equipment is serviced and inspected on a regular basis. We take pride in the appearance of our trucks, as they represent our company on the road, as well as on a work site. Our crew takes meticulous care of our equipment and we are very proud to have equipment that is trustworthy, looks and runs perfectly, and feel safe using on a daily basis.

Robert Hanna has worked in the building moving industry since he was 14 years old, working summers for his father Bill Hanna Sr., who founded the company. As a family run business, Robert has continued the traditions that the company was founded upon in the 1970’s. Hard work, dedication, and making sure the job was done right has become synonymous with what Triple H Building Movers has always stood for.

Highly respected within the house moving community, Triple H Building Movers has always been seen as a leader in innovation and quality of work within the industry.

Together, there is almost 100 years of house and building moving experience on our crew. Our reputation for getting the job done, done right, and on time is something we take great pride in.

Let us show you what a true professional building mover can do for you and your building relocation project.

Moving houses can be a dangerous profession. That is why we always start any job with safety as our top priority.  Our crew is fully trained in the dangers of working with large machinery, hydraulic jacking systems, potentially dangerously heavy loads, large trucks and trailers, and transporting oversized loads on busy roadways.

Every work site is unique, but our crew has the experience to handle any situation, and are trained to recognize and eliminate potential danger before they become an issue. 

Our safety record shows this, as we have a spotless safety record, with no reported incidences in the history of the company.




We are a fully insured house mover. Triple H Building Movers not only carry the regular PLPD insurance required to move buildings in Alberta ( the minimum required), but we also carry cargo insurance, which means your home is fully protected while being transported.

*Note – cargo insurance is not mandatory for Government issued permits, so we go above and beyond in terms of protecting your property. Not all house movers do, so this is another reason that sets us apart.






Robert Hanna


Bob Hanna has owned Triple H Building Movers Ltd. since 2010 and has worked in the building moving business for decades. Bob is highly respected within the building moving community and serves on the Board of the Alberta House Moving Association.