School Portable Movers


School portables are a simple and easy way to increase the size of a school without major structural upgrades and renovations. Alberta Infrastructure has been tasked to build and renovate hundreds of school across Alberta.


The use of school portable buildings allows for changes in a school footprint, based on population changes within that school and across the school district.


Triple H Building Movers Ltd. is the leading building relocator in Alberta. We specialize in moving the new Alberta school portable manufactured by local Alberta builders, and can move them across the province.


These buildings are unique, and require specialized equipment to do the job right. We are able to move these structures at a lower cost than our competitors, as we use the most modern equipment, and do not require cranes for placement of the school portable.


Using our specialized trailers and hydraulic jacking system, sets the industry standard, plus our crew brings over 90 years of experience in the relocation of buildings, mobile homes, modular homes and work camp in the industry. We have the ability to move school portables to their site, and onto their pilings, with no need for extra equipment or expense.


This means less stress and damage when transporting and setting up school portables as would occur with craning the building onto the buildings foundation. Being able to quickly, economically, and reliably move these units is imperative for school districts to get them ready for teacher and student use, as soon as possible.

School Portable Movers
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